Greg helps companies create new value for customers around technology. He uses techniques drawn from a “jobs-to-be-done” philosophy — people (and companies) have jobs that need to be done, and they “hire” products and services to do those jobs. As Theodore Leavit said, “People don’t want a quarter inch drill; they want a quarter inch hole.”

Understanding the “job” is one part of a strategic analysis; others involve understanding the competitive environment, the nature of competition, and how value migrates over time (often overlooked – companies often “stick to their knitting” even as what customers really want changes).

Using tools such as the Business Model Canvas to describe the entire nature of a firm’s business design, Blue Ocean Strategy to identify new customer sets, and the “Bowling Alley” model for market entry, Greg helps clients fully understand how to win in a fast-changing world.

Creating a product or service to do the job is one thing; creating a strategic business model and go-to-market plan is also essential. Greg will help you develop these elements. He is also available to assist with investor presentations, board level strategic reviews, and facilitate strategic planning retreats for technology-based companies.

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